Sunday, November 7, 2010

Consistency? What is that?

We all know that consistent training will allow for the best improvement verses haphazard activity. Unfortunately, trying to get life to cooperate to allow for the consistency is the biggest obstacle. Another common tidbit of information is that we always seem to be able to squeeze the activities that we *really* want to do into our schedule, no matter what... So what am I saying?

I guess that it took a crazy week at work to make me realize how much I have missed the consistent running that training for an event provides. (or forces you to do) I was feeling very very stressed and needed that release that running provides. Now that daylight savings time has ended, I and my headlamp will become one again... I have managed to actually run back-to-back days this weekend! It has been a while since that has happened!

I am struggling with trying to choose an event to train for for next summer. I always do better when I have a target to aim for. It is harder for me to 'just go run' and the motivation, or fear, of a looming event helps to get me out the door, especially now that winter is fast approaching!

I am on the fence regarding Burning River for 2011. Advantages are: is it is local, I know the course, logistics are easy for my crew. Disadvantages are: I know the course. A 100-mile race is never easy and I feel myself wanting to try a different venue. More importantly, I am not sure if I want to commit to the training for a 100 mile race. A spring and fall 50-mile race is sounding pretty good right now. (Two 50s make for a 100 right?? Ha!)

Options I am considering are: Glacier Ridge Trail 50K or 50 mile (April 9)
Nite-owl 50 mile (FA race late May)
Mohican 50 miles (if they have it) (June)
Run with Scissors double marathon (October)

Or do I choose a marathon and try to run faster? That means training on asphalt.... yuk!

I have time to get this figured out. For now, I will work on getting back to at least 4 runs a week and start to build my long run back up to 20 miles. This will get me through the early winter until I choose a race or two.