Sunday, February 12, 2012

No-shirt 50K or whatever FA

Today was the Annual "No-shirt 50K or whatever FA" organized by Roy and Shannon. Started at Station Road in the CVNP and followed the Buckeye Trail to Pine Lane and return for an out-and-back. Winter arrived (finally) here friday and we have a nice covering of snow. The temperature this morning was 16 degrees with a wind chill of 2. brrrr!

13 people started at 8am towards Ottawa Point on the Buckeye Trail. It did not take more than 50 yds for us to get off-trail since the snow all looks the same! We really had to pay attention to the blue blazes! Roy yelled from behind, "Follow the blue blazes, not each other!" Pretty funny.

The snow conditions were actually pretty good. Fluffy, light, and not too slippery. However, it covered everything, logs, holes, rocks, and mud. The ground was not frozen since it has been so wet and warm this winter and the mud was still lurking beneath the clean snow. I am so glad that I have my Brooks Gore-tex trail shoes to keep my feet (mostly) dry!

I knew that I did not have 50K in my legs today and had decided to turn around at Columbia Road. I started back when I met the others. Roy said that I was the leader. I replied, "No, I am the first wimp!" As I ran under the power lines and cell tower near Snowville Road, I noticed that someone had made an awesome snow-angel! It was nearly perfect and brought a huge smile to my frozen face. This section along the ridge-line was the coldest part of the day.

I made it back to my car after 18.4 miles of snowy trail. Changed into some dry clothes and made it home to a hot shower!

Thanks to Roy and Shannon and everyone involved in organizing this fun event!

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